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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My 10 last pins

Here is my weekly edition of "My 10 last Pins!"  What have you been pinning lately???

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From dittledattle.blogspot.com

Look at this great DIY dog bed!  I find end tables like that all the time at garage sales or thrift stores but NEVER thought about converting it to a doggie bed.  Not sure if my dogs would use it because they are pretty insistent about being in our laps but I love the idea.
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From bhg.com

I LOVE LOVE LURVE this chair!  It is so fun - I can hardly stand it!

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From peepmystyles.blogspot.com

This might be the cutest end table/bookcase EVA! So retro and vintage.  Also loving the old fan on top of it. 
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From itsoverflowing.com

There is one thing that always makes me smile and helps clear my head.  It brings me peace and it's hosrseback riding.  Love this photo - it has two of my favorite things - Riding and the Ocean.  I have gone swimming with a horse before and it was awesome!!!  Not sure if my current horse would be up for something like that quite yet - sometimes he gets scared of puddles. =)

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From tomorrowisntyesterday.tumblr.com

Speaking of horses... here is a great horse photo! I have two horse canvas in my house already.  Is it a decor no no to have one in each room  - because I will!
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From etsy.com

I get bored with my hair easily and I have been trying to grow it out for like 3 years - NO joke - 3 years!  So I am always thinking and looking for new ways to style it.  I loved these pictures of girls using cute scarfs...

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From girlobsessed.blogspot.com

Inspirational photo to NOT cut it - so pretty!

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I heart houndstooth and fell in love with this pic of a houndstooth stencil...
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From fab.com

There you have it - my latest pins!  Hope you enjoyed

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