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Friday, February 3, 2012

Craigslist Round Up - Nashville, TN

Nashville was one of my favorite places that we drove through while on vacation before I headed off to college.  It was so beautiful!  We went white water rafting and the older lady that was on the raft with us lost her bathing suit bottoms when she jumped in the rapids for a swim.  So embarrassing - for her that is - I still had my bottoms on! We also went and did indoor sky diving.  Sounds impossible but they have a room that had an inside tunnel with a big fan - you wear protective gear and jump on top of the fan and it pusheds you up in the air.  I have to be honest and say that I was too nervous to have done that but my Dad and brother had a great time.

Becuase of all those great memories, I thought we would head back to Nashville today and see what great finds they might have on craigslist.

Welcome to this weeks edition of Craigslist Round Up heads to Nashville!

So lately I have had a thing for finding chairs.  Probably because I am currently working on a chair project.  I am telling everyone I know NOT to pass up a good price chair because of its color - just paint it.  Here is one here:

Clawfoot chair - $45 It has great shape and you could easily paint that fabric something fun to match any room in your house.
image 0

Here is an easy re-do dresser for $45.  Change out the hardware or spray paint what it comes with then sand and paint the rest!  You could even do a fun design such as a chevron print on the drawers - love that!

image 0

How cool is this chair for $30!  Love it - so much character.

image 0

Here's a white bookcase for $25.  It's got good basic shape to it - for $25 I think you could wallpaper the back of it and use it in a childs room.  Maybe use pink with white polka dot fabric or wall paper then put their books and pictures in it:
image 0

I am not sure exactly why but I think this table and chair set is adorable! It's only $75 and would be cute if you have a cottage style going on.  You could even paint the chairs and recover in a new fabric then paint the top of the table and legs.   To be honest - I kind of like it the way it is and really love the blue floral seats =)  It's the girly side of me!

image 0image 1

Ok who wouldn't want or need a metal tea cart!  It's $75 and could clean up to be such a great piece in your kitchen or dining area.  Picture it filled with bottles, martini set, trays, cute chevron bowls and colorful cups - I am in love!  Do you think they ship?

image 0

There you have it - this week's edition of Craigslist round up - it was good one!  I might need to go visit Nashville again!

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