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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rug sales!

If you are like me then you are always looking for rugs to go on sale.  Stalk them online at our favorite stores and then finally -BAM they are on sale and we strike.  We have hardwoods EVERYWHERE in our rental house which I love due to the dogs.  It is so much easier keeping everything clean.  But I do like the idea of getting a rug for the Master so when we wake up in the morning our toes don't hit cold floors.  Here are some great sale rugs at World Market this weekend. What I love about World Market - you can shop in store or online!

Here are a couple that caught my eye:

Wool Damask Rug, Ivory/Spice | World Market

Was $124.99
Sale: $62.49  - HELLO!

Love this vintage flower rug...
Autumn Floral Hooked Rug | World Market
Autumn Floral Hooked Rug
Sale $174.90

Something different for your bathroom...
Red Suzani Dhurrie Rug | World Market
Red Suzanie Dhurrie Rug
Sale $14.99

Ok this one wasn't on sale but I loved it and had to show you:
Novica Red Lightning Rug | World Market
Novica Rd Lightning Rug

Other great places to check out rugs:
and your local homegoods store

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Craigslist Round Up - goes to Salt Lake City, UT

In honor of one of my absolute FAV bloggers - Kristen Kraston at 6th Street Design, we are headed to Salt Lake City, UT.

Glass and Brass Coffee Table - $30.  Not in love with this table but it has a ton of potential.  You could spray paint the brass a gold color and it would totally POP and look amazing.

image 0

Ok you might need to see the vision with this one but for $50 OBO it's worth it.  Picture this in a little girls nursery with an black and white chevron pillow or some Ikat!

image 0

I am in love with this dresser for $150 - stunning!

image 0

Cedar chest for $75 - picture padding the top and recovering in a waverly fabric then using as a coffee table.  Hello!!!

image 0

So there you have it - some quick finds today on Craigslist!  Have you found something amazing on Craigslist or at the Thrift? Share it with us!

Monday, February 20, 2012

10 last Pins

Let's start this week off of with my 10 last pins!

Who wouldn't adore the color inspiration of this room - "coral and navy delight"! Delighted I am!
Pinned Image
From laybabylay.com

Totally in love with this breakfast knook!  Wouldn't change a think and would totally copy this exact look into my house = pink flamingo art, antlers, white pedestal table, black and white chairs, pink bench -YES PLEASE!  Even the pink grapefruit on the table makes me smile.
Pinned Image
From the-bright-life.blogspot.com

Carnival theme party - it doesn't sound as grand as it looks.  Check out this picture with the vintage looking hot air balloons!  I saw a pin where they used old lightbulbs to make those. 
Pinned Image
From countinggraces.tumblr.com

Sticking with the carny idea, I pinned this picture = Globes, maps, black and white strips and BIG flowers. 
Pinned Image
From jdmakesthings.tumblr.com

This picutre was pinned by someone because of the corkscrew monogram letter; however, I was drawn to it because of they chevron bar cart.  Love this idea and I am now on the look out for something I can turn into that awesome piece!
Pinned Image
From madebygirl.blogspot.com

This room looks so whimsical and it's because the art work on the wall is a paint by numbers! NO WAY, right??? How cool is that?!?
Pinned Image
From pradaanswer.tumblr.com

Here's a cute DIY art project. Take a map and cut out states where something special happened - where you were born, where you met your husband - and then mark it with a heart and frame it.  So cute and has sentimental meaning!
Pinned Image
From kayladanelle.blogspot.com

Thinking of trying something new with the hair. I really want bangs but hubby thinks it will make me look like a 12 year old.  =(

Loving this look for hubby. What is there not to love - callored shirt, pull over sweater, camel leather jacket and rolled jeans.  Come honey try this one!!! I think you'll look hot!   He already does look HOT! =)  (points for me!)
Pinned Image

Skinny Baked Potato Soup - of course I would do this minus the bacon - No Meat for me!  Can't wait to try this recipe out! Yum!
Pinned Image

What did you pin over the weekend?!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day to everyone!  Not sure what plans everyone has for today - Hubby and I are going to play it low key.  Our lives are so busy and filled with things to do that on a day like this celebrating means watching a movie and cuddling on the couch with the dogs. That's a perfect night for us!

In honor of Vday, I put together a tiny quick project to show you.  I am not one to really decorate for this holiday but I thought I would throw something quick together. 

I took what I had on hand and made a Vday centerpiece.  I went outside and collected some fallen branches, spray painted them silver, put in a vase with lima beans (great cheap way to weigh heavy things down in a vase) and then I threw in a hot pink stick that I found a couple weeks ago at Michaels and this is what I got:

And I can use it again for different seasons by changing out the colored hot pink sticks for a different color.  For Easter I can add blue and yellow!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy chocolate, hearts and love today!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dogs and Design

The two "D" words that some think don't go together - Dogs and Design!  Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions but in my world - the two have to go together.  We have 5 dogs - all rescue babies! They are a huge part of our lives.  I had two dogs when I first started dating my husband then 3 weeks before we got married we saw on the news how the Austin shelters were so overloaded with dogs during the holidays.  At the time - Austin still had Kill Shelters and seeing the pictures of the dogs in cages during the holidays just broke our hearts and we decided to go and pick out one for us to take home.  In lieu of Christmas gifts to each other (since it was so close to the wedding and had spent so much money in preparation for the big day), we rescued Dexter!  Just 4 months later, we adopted our 4th dog - Daisy.  She is our tiniest dog - 5 pounds of all Chihuahua and she runs the house.  One year later, my hubby went home during his lunch break and found a dachsund wandering the neighborhood.  He brought her home and we put up signs everywhere and ads in craigslist but no one claimed the little red dachsund.  We kept her and named her Rosie and she is the easiest dog ever.  Well - all of our dogs are pretty easy - I guess that is why we have 5.

So what's the point of my long rant about our dogs - (besides the fact that I am a proud mommy and like sharing their rescue stories) - Well, I would like to throw out the quesiton "How do you have a beautiful home and still own pets?"  Aren't you afraid they will ruin your furniture or their hair will get all over your beautiful things or their tails will knock something over?
This was a little bit of a fear of mine since moving in to a new home and buying nice new things.  We always allowed our dogs free roam of the house and use of any piece of furniture they wanted. That has changed a little bit but we have found a way to still keep the dogs part of every day routine with out them "damaging" any of our pieces.

I think you can design around your dog.  When you pick out pieces of furniture - keep your pets in mind.  Is it a material that will get scratched and pulled on from the pets being around?
This time around we opted for a velvety couch - it seems to be wearing great with the pets around.  Our previous couch would get pulls on the fabric and it didn't take long for it to look worn.  We also have implemented a new house rule - Dogs are not allowed on the couch with out a person with them and they must be laying on a blanket.  No Dog skin/hair/coat to touch the couch.  We have friends that have allergies and we don't want the dogs to deter them from coming over - so we try to safe guard the couch from hair by only allowing them up when we are there and if they are on a blanket.  The dogs are NOT allowed on my new Ikat chairs.  Setting limits is not a bad thing - they are allowed to hang with us in the family room but they don't get to own the room.  We tell them where and when they are allowed to come up.  We also have a big dog bed on the side of the couch - it is hidden from plain site which is nice because then it isn't an eye sore for when guests come to visit. I have also seen some really neat dog bed ideas on pinterest that would be great "design" solution in any home.  Another great place to find stylish dog beds would be HomeGoods - they have cute stuff in beautiful colors and fabrics that would look great in any home.

So keeping in the theme of this post... I have found some great photos of dogs and designs to show with you today:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

The above picture is our Daisy looking very stylish on my vintage chair ($36 at a thrift store)

If you have pictures of your dogs in your home - send them my way! I would love to see them!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Something to be looking for...

I am hoping to do a "HOME TOUR!" by end of this month beginning of next.  I am excited and nervous to show you!  So stay tuned for lots of pictures from every room of the house - even if I am not done decorating. Wow did I just say that??? I might take that back later =)

I want to do it in a series of blog postings where I post the living room and sources one day then move to a different bedroom the following day.

Hope you are having a great Monday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Craigslist Round Up - Nashville, TN

Nashville was one of my favorite places that we drove through while on vacation before I headed off to college.  It was so beautiful!  We went white water rafting and the older lady that was on the raft with us lost her bathing suit bottoms when she jumped in the rapids for a swim.  So embarrassing - for her that is - I still had my bottoms on! We also went and did indoor sky diving.  Sounds impossible but they have a room that had an inside tunnel with a big fan - you wear protective gear and jump on top of the fan and it pusheds you up in the air.  I have to be honest and say that I was too nervous to have done that but my Dad and brother had a great time.

Becuase of all those great memories, I thought we would head back to Nashville today and see what great finds they might have on craigslist.

Welcome to this weeks edition of Craigslist Round Up heads to Nashville!

So lately I have had a thing for finding chairs.  Probably because I am currently working on a chair project.  I am telling everyone I know NOT to pass up a good price chair because of its color - just paint it.  Here is one here:

Clawfoot chair - $45 It has great shape and you could easily paint that fabric something fun to match any room in your house.
image 0

Here is an easy re-do dresser for $45.  Change out the hardware or spray paint what it comes with then sand and paint the rest!  You could even do a fun design such as a chevron print on the drawers - love that!

image 0

How cool is this chair for $30!  Love it - so much character.

image 0

Here's a white bookcase for $25.  It's got good basic shape to it - for $25 I think you could wallpaper the back of it and use it in a childs room.  Maybe use pink with white polka dot fabric or wall paper then put their books and pictures in it:
image 0

I am not sure exactly why but I think this table and chair set is adorable! It's only $75 and would be cute if you have a cottage style going on.  You could even paint the chairs and recover in a new fabric then paint the top of the table and legs.   To be honest - I kind of like it the way it is and really love the blue floral seats =)  It's the girly side of me!

image 0image 1

Ok who wouldn't want or need a metal tea cart!  It's $75 and could clean up to be such a great piece in your kitchen or dining area.  Picture it filled with bottles, martini set, trays, cute chevron bowls and colorful cups - I am in love!  Do you think they ship?

image 0

There you have it - this week's edition of Craigslist round up - it was good one!  I might need to go visit Nashville again!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My 10 last pins

Here is my weekly edition of "My 10 last Pins!"  What have you been pinning lately???

Pinned Image
From dittledattle.blogspot.com

Look at this great DIY dog bed!  I find end tables like that all the time at garage sales or thrift stores but NEVER thought about converting it to a doggie bed.  Not sure if my dogs would use it because they are pretty insistent about being in our laps but I love the idea.
Pinned Image
From bhg.com

I LOVE LOVE LURVE this chair!  It is so fun - I can hardly stand it!

Pinned Image
From peepmystyles.blogspot.com

This might be the cutest end table/bookcase EVA! So retro and vintage.  Also loving the old fan on top of it. 
Pinned Image
From itsoverflowing.com

There is one thing that always makes me smile and helps clear my head.  It brings me peace and it's hosrseback riding.  Love this photo - it has two of my favorite things - Riding and the Ocean.  I have gone swimming with a horse before and it was awesome!!!  Not sure if my current horse would be up for something like that quite yet - sometimes he gets scared of puddles. =)

Pinned Image
From tomorrowisntyesterday.tumblr.com

Speaking of horses... here is a great horse photo! I have two horse canvas in my house already.  Is it a decor no no to have one in each room  - because I will!
Pinned Image
From etsy.com

I get bored with my hair easily and I have been trying to grow it out for like 3 years - NO joke - 3 years!  So I am always thinking and looking for new ways to style it.  I loved these pictures of girls using cute scarfs...

Pinned Image
From girlobsessed.blogspot.com

Inspirational photo to NOT cut it - so pretty!

Pinned Image

I heart houndstooth and fell in love with this pic of a houndstooth stencil...
Pinned Image
From fab.com

There you have it - my latest pins!  Hope you enjoyed

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