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Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I have been up to lately?

What projects have I been up to lately???? Well, I have slowly but surely been working on painting my wingback chair!!  So exciting!

I went with purple hue.  I first went to Hobby Lobby and picked a color choice out of their acrylic paints.  Then I took that color and brought it to Home Depot.  The paint guy was able to perfectly match it.  It is called Eggplant and I went with a Behr paint.

Here are two pictures to show you some progress:

And that is as far as I have gotten.  Not much progress but life has been so busy that I can't even begin to explain.  So I will take what I can right now in regards to any DIY project time.

Stay tuned for me pics hopefully in the near future!

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