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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thoughts and inspiration for Master Bedroom

I have always loved my master bedroom - I had great vaulted ceilings, built-ins, large layout and my wall color was perfect.  Now that we are in a rental house - I am not painting the walls and it is much smaller than our previous bedroom.  We have also had the same bedding for almost 3 years and it has seen better days - 5 dogs will do that over time.

So I have decided that the Master needs a face lift to live up to my new Dallas decor standards! =)

Here are some photos that I feel inspired by - they are mostly white/grey with major pops of color.  I am so drawn to the same type of room.  Here you go:

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Repinned from Homes & Decor by Gabrielle Rhomberg
How cute are Dalmatian chairs with red piping!! I can't stand it (in a good way)!!!

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From suziebeezie.tumblr.com
I love how my eyes are drawn from one thing to the next - mix of colors and patterns on a neutral pallet.

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From bhg.com
Everything about this room makes me smile - the colors are so happy.  You couldn't help but wake up and be in a good mood in this bedroom.

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From brynalexandra.blogspot.com
The Yellow headboard reminds me of my current headboard but mine is white.  Hmm... paint it, maybe??? 

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Repinned from Prints and Pattern by suann song
Inspired by the mix of patterns!

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From ivillage.com
Love the mustard yellow!

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From gluestickgirl.tumblr.com
This pic is for the hubby because he is a lover of the color of orange.

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From thelennoxx.com
Very white and crisp with pops of Purple and Turquoise. 

So which room is your favorite????


  1. I love the blue and coral room best, but the last room's wall is G O R G E O U S!!! They're all inspiring in some way! :0)

  2. brynalexandra is my fav in this selection . Francine