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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My favorite decor websites

I have several sites that I like to visit weekly.  Ok you got me ... I mean almost daily.  I use these sites for inspiration and ideas.  If you are thinking about re-doing your master bedroom in yellow and gray than just go to one of these sites and type in "bedroom yellow and gray" and you will have a ton of pictures to choose from.

Here are some great sites:


Decorpad has a forum where you can post pictures and ask other bloggers, readers and designers for their thoughts and opinions.  They also have endless pictues that are sure to inspire you.


I was recently introducted to this site and you can easily be addicted so be warned! It's alot like decorpad - you can skim through lots of photos or ask questions for decor help.


This site is fun if you want to play around with ideas for your room, a clients room or just for fun.  This site is equivalent to a guys xbox and games.  Hours of fun creating!  You can put a whole room together by dragging photos, fabric and accessories from their endless sources into a blank bedroom - pretty cool.  They also have monthly contests you can enter to win.


Who doesn't love pinterest right now?!?!? Such a silly questions.  Everyone loves this place and it's because you can find anything on here from food, clothes, pictures, decor, pets and DIY projects.  This might be my favorite site.  If you are not on it then get on it.  You do need an invite to enter so just shoot me an email and I would be happy to invite you.  Here is my pinterest info so you can follow me:
You can even "PIN" things that you see and love from other websites and introduce them to others in the Pinterst world.  LOVE IT!  And don't be afraid to every pin things you see on my site hehe =)

Of course I have endless hours of fun reading through my daily blogs.  But that list is for another day.  I think I gave you enough info for today.  So who thinks they are actually going to get any work done  now????

Feel free to email me at txyankeeprincess@gmail.com!  Love your thoughts, questions and comments!!!!!!

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