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Friday, January 20, 2012

Craigslist Roundup - Las Vegas Style

Welcome to this week's edition of Craiglist Roundup!  Today we are going to Las Vegas - Remember what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas - too cheesy for ya?!?!? 

Today on Craigslist Round up we found these items:

French Style Buffet for $75 - this could be adorable if you painted it a turquoise "Tiffany blue" color.

image 0

image 2

Asian Bamboo bookshelf - very unique piece.  You would need an eclectic feel to pull this off.  It is $300 which is more than most of my great finds on craigslist but it was so different I had to post it.  I would go in and offer 250 or 200.  Why not, right?

image 0

Bench for $65 - would definitely want to recover but that doesn't cost much.  I would offer $50 and have fun with this DIY project.

image 0

This desk for $65 doesn't look like much but what if you used some Chalk Paint in a green tone and then painted the handles silver.

image 0

If you did then maybe... just maybe it would look like this when done...

Pinned Image
From havenandhome.blogspot.com

Two chairs for $60 - these chairs are pretty fab!!! Check them out...

image 0

Pretty much in love with this buffet table for $400.  Kind of steep for me (especially since I paid $50 for a similar piece for Las Vegas really believes in their stuff).
image 0

These two pieces have a lot of potential for $60.  These both could be easily sanded and painted into two beautiful pieces.  I love a good charcoal gray on the taller piece with new hardware.

image 1

Hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Craigslist Roundup!  Sorry that there hasn't been many postings this week.  We are just days away from the launch of the church we attend - Shoreline Dallas.  It has been a very busy week!!!  I am hoping that next week I will be back to my usual blogging ... I have several projects coming up that I am looking forward to showing you!!!

Thanks for hanging in there as readers!  Promise to be better next week.


  1. Hi Lauren...stopping by to say thank you for your kind comments on my dining room feature at DIY Showoff. That chandelier makeover totally surprised me at how well it turned out!

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