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Friday, January 27, 2012

Craigslist Roundup heads to Sunny Miami!

Pack your bags and sunlotion as we head to sunny Miami!  That's where all the old people go to retire, right??? So we are bound to find some good stuff!! Let's see...

China Cabinet with Bamboo framing for $155

Love this piece!  Yes please! I think it looks pretty the way it is but could also picture it in white with all gold/bras fixtures OR maybe paint it something bright like Yellow!!

image 0image 1

image 2

Pair of chairs for $100 - I think you should ask $75.  Looks like good condition and probably easy to recover. 

image 0

Chest of drawers for $150 - not the cheapest thing I usually find but it is a pretty piece in good condition.

image 0

Love love love this next piece...
Vintage desk for $85 - it is beautiful!!!

image 0

Retro midcentury buffet table - $125.  This could be painted white and be GORGEOUS!  Not the best picture but I think you can see th hidden potential.

Pair of chairs for $125 - this would look adorable in a sun room with an Ikat Pillow.

image 0image 1

More Chairs - $10 each or 4 for $30. Sounds like a steal to me just recover them in an amazing fabric on sale at hobby lobby when they have their 40% days and VOILA!

image 1image 0

Today is the day for chairs...
Vintage arm chair for $79 and it is a beauty!

image 0

image 1

There you have it... this weeks edition of Craigslist Roundup.  Hope you feel inspired to check out your own local listings!

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