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Sunday, December 11, 2011

This week's thrifing in a glance

This has been a GREAT week for thrifting.  I picked up some of the best finds ever - life pieces!!!   Then I went thrifting yesterday with a friend to help her find things on a budget to decorate her apartment and she left with a car full of stuff and only spent around $55 ( I will keep you updated on that more in the future).  The best part of our trip yesterday that she caught on and was able to pick out some great things on her own ... *tear - so proud!

Here is this week's thrifting at a glance:

Frame was .97

This is definitely my favorite thing from this week and maybe EVA - I found a Target mirrored table at Goodwill fro $30.  I have been stalking these forever and was so excited when I stumbled upon it at a Goodwill.  My heart is happy!!
This picture (below) is the table all decorated and in full force for the Holidays:

(Above) This Christmas Wreath would look amazing on my front door and it was only $1.91!  Hello - you are coming home with me!

(Above) This piece still has the original price tag of $30 attached to it but I bought it for $4 and once I have 3 candles then it will look complete and amazing above my kitchen sink.
  I also found the matching piece to it below for .99:

(Above) Here is a set of 4 plates and saucers for $6.96.  A little bit more than what I usually pay at a thrift store but they were in great shape and look how pretty they look on my table (picture below):

I bought two of these White Glittery Christmas Trees for $2.92. 
They both look great on my dining room buffet.

(Above) Last but not least, I have this Red and White Poinsettia Table Runner for $2. 
 I decided to put it on the mirrored table in the living room for now.

So there you have it - my Thrifting at a glance! Hope you enjoyed this week's finds and great deals. 
If you found a great deal thrifting this week,  I want to hear about it - send me an email at txyankeeprincess@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Isn't thriftin so much fun! Nothing like scoring a new treasure and a cheap price. You got some great stuff.

  2. Girl! You did amazing with all these finds! You must have one awesome GW there, that mirrored table is pretty awesome!!!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments Debbie and Holly! I wish we all lived closer so we could thrift together - how much fun would that be?!?!