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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Off to go thrifting...

I am so excited for today - to the point that I woke up with out an alarm!! I am going with a new friend thrifting today!!! She lives in an apartment here in Dallas area and finishing up school (going to be an amazing Chiropractor - Smarty Pants!).  She is ready to spruce up her apartment which means we need to find her stuff on a budget and no better place to go than thrift stores.  Since, I have only lived in the downtown area for a month now, we are going to do some exploring together and hit up 1 of my weekly stops ( Yes I went there last night and stayed till they closed - show you that stuff tomorrow).

Since, she lives in an apartment then we need to think of ways of decorating that don't make permanent changes to the space - No paint or reconstruction.

Our goals for today:
* Find empty large picture frames
* Find wall art to add to her gallery
* Find decor items such as bowls and vases
* Find a LARGE lamp shade that we will convert into a shade light fixture

That's it for today when it comes to decor; however, I thought I would leave you with some photos of our 5 babies to enjoy and maybe inspire you to adopt for the holidays.  A lot of the shelters are over crowded this time of year and they are doing everything and anything to not eunathize due to over population.  I know that the shelter where we found 4 of our babies is doing adoptions for 3.50 in Austin right now (Town Lake Animal Shelter).

Anyways, here are the babies and they are the BEST dogs EVA (sorry but no competition there - they really are great!)

This is Dora doing her "sit pretty" pose.  She is 12 yrs old now.

Here is Daisy - she is a Chihuahua that we rescued from an Austin Shelter.  She is about 6 yrs old.  Daisy is the smalled one in the house but she has the BIGGEST attitude - I mean character! =)

Here is Dexter - we rescued him from an Austin Shelter two weeks before we got married.  He is much plumper now.  He says he's just big boned but I think he needs to lose some weight.  Dexter is about 4 yrs old.

This is Duncan and he is my first dog and is about 13 yrs old.  He is a dachsund min pin mix and the smartest best dog!  Love him.

Family photo!  This was taken prior to us finding our fifth dog who is pictured below.

Here is Rosie!  She is about 9 yrs old and is a red dachsund that we found as a stray and coudn't give up.  We fell in love.


Dexter and Dora

Thought I would also show you my horse while I was at it so here is Bert.  My first horse and I am so blessed!  He is a great horse and I love having that special relationship with a horse - it's all about trust!

This is one of my favorite pics! Love his one of Bert and I walking together in the arena.

All professional dog pictures were taken by our amazing friend Adrian Gutierrez!  You can check his work out on his facebook .

The horse pictures were taken by an old co-worker.  She did an amazing job!!!  Can't wait to get some of those pics up in the house. 

If you have pets and want to share their pics or show me how you implement them in to your home, then shoot me an email at txyankeeprincess@gmail.com

Check back tomorrow to see the great thrift finds of the week !

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