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Friday, December 30, 2011

My friends Christmas Decor

My friend Jessica decorates on point for every occasion whether it be Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas - I always admire her house and decor.

This is her first Christmas in their new house and she was kind enough to take a couple snaps and send my way.  I thought I would share them with you to wrap up our Christmas blogs.

Hope you enjoy them!

Jessica has much higher ceilings in her new home - she makes adjustment to her tree by placing on a platform and adds feathers to top to give it height.  Isn't it so majestic looking?!??!  And you know they always look better in person.  If this was my tree, I would be staring at it all the time! I also love how she took old ice skates and placed at bottom of tree stand to add some decor.  Now if you are ever out thrifting and see some ice skates -you will want to snatch those babies up!

Here she uses space on her piano to decorate with her colorful vintage ornament collection.  Jessica has been collecting decor and great vintage items since she was a teenager.  I never met someone who had enough decor to decorate 2 houses before she ever had a house!  She has great taste and I always love how she pulls old and new together

There are just a couple snaps of her gorgeous decor!  Maybe next year she will take us on a tour - wouldn't that be fun!?!? 

Tonight hubby is taking me out to eat at a nice restaurant to celebrate our 3 year anniversary.  The fun thing about living in a new city is trying new places to eat.  Plus I love getting dressed up - so any excuse to put on a dress makes me happy! =)

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