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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I want to DIY!

My morning usually consists of:
1. Waking up to my alarm at 6:45am
2. Letting all 5 dogs outside and cleaning all 5 dogs feet if it had been raining (Love them but why can't they just go potty in the mulch when it is muddy or clean their own feet???)
3. Sit down with a cup of coffee and go through my blog feeds! (favorite part of my morning)
4. Get filled with jealousy and envy as I look at everyone's homes
5. Get inspired by all the amazing DIY projects!!!

#4 and #5 have led me to this post today! I have been saving and archiving all these amazing DIY projects and I want to put them out there on my blog to hold myself accountable to start doing some of them! 

So here they are and in no specific order:
1. Tree stump end table - they have these at West Elm for a $100!
2. Sunburst Mirror - there are several that I like but HERE is one.
3. Sunburst Mirrior again - ok I couldn't resist to add this ONE too.
4. Painting upholstry - I want to buy a wingback chair and paint it!
5. Fish Scale Wall Art
6. No Paint Striped Wall
7. Make a cover for the doggie crate in master

Let me know if you have any DIY projects on your list or any great ideas that you have found!

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  1. I've seen the tree stump end tables at West Elm, SUPER cute! Such a great DIY project, you should post a picture once you complete it...

  2. Ashley - I am trying to hunt down a lumber yard in Dallas that has stumps. This is such an easy project with amazing results - can't wait to show everyone how it turns out. BTW - thanks for checking out my blog! Don't forget to Follow me =)