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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Thrifting ... let the good "finds and deals" begin!!!

About 1/2 a mile up the road, there is a huge Thrift store from my house (dangerous).  Haven't really found any great clothes there but I seem to hit it big with the decor.  Furniture is overpriced but the decor accessories are very reasonable and there is Christmas decorations galore!!!

I think I may have gone in 4 times over a 7 day period (shhhh - don't tell the hubby).  Everytime I have gone in I have found some great little Christmas decorations.  Since I didn't have too much to begin with, this has really jump started my collection.

Here are some great finds from the last week:

These two branch trees were only $2.42 each.  I plan on painting the bases white.

I LOVE these two reindeer!! Hubby thought they were weird and didn't really think I was going to buy them but now that they are in the house I think he gets the "vision' for them. The taller one was $1.92 and smaller one was $1.42.  I heart reindeer this time of year! 

 I found the vase with missletoe stenciled on it for a $1.92 and a bag of vintage looking ornaments for $2.92.  Some of the ornaments are in this vase and the rest our in the photo below.

Don't you love a good bowl or vase filled with ornaments!!! Love these ornaments - beautiful colors and pictures on them and how adorable is the red yarn to hang them?? Probably my favorite find of the week were these ornaments. 

There you go - my great finds of the week!  I think I spent $15 or less and I got a bag of ornaments, Christmas vase, 2 reindeer and 2 Crystal branch trees.  I love the holidays and I love a good deal!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to email me pictures of any of your great holiday decor items - txyankeeprincess@gmail.com