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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Home Tour - Come on in!!

Well finally you can come on in and see my holiday decor! Not that it took me to just now to get it all up ( I don't have that much stuff) but it took me that long to get pictures taken of it.  And if you read my blog yesterday then you know that I am in desperate need of a camera - so please excuse my Iphone pictures - they will just have to do till some amazing company wants to give me their camera to use and write a review on.  I would be happy to do that for them =) Hint Hint Nikon!!!

So take of your jacket and come on in for a tour...

Here is my dining room - I consider this my winter wonderland.  I used crystals garland left over from our wedding.  I re-used our wedding centerpiece from our cake table - it is beautiful in person (pictures below).  I added some touches of green with some ornaments from last year found at the dollar store.  You will probably remember some of my thrift store finds from the last two weeks that will show up in today's post.

(Above) Everyone does ornaments in a clear glass jar or big vase - I decided to do mine on my big old gold platter.  Tried to bring in some of the gold that I have on my tree by adding it throught the platter and I also have gold trim on my Christmas plates (bought at thrift store last week for about $7).

Love the view in the picture below!  You can see our tree hiding in the background =)

Here's the wedding centerpiece I was talking about- fun, huh!?!?  And how cool is it to actually get to re-use something from your wedding.  Now its doubl special - reminds me of our wedding everytime I see it and i get to use it for my favorite holiday!

 (Above) There is my green reindeer Dollar Tree ornament from last year.  You may remember that I HEART Reindeer this time of year!

In the bowl are some of the Vintage ornaments I found at the thrift store - whole bag for under $3 and they are so unique.  I adore them and the red yarn on them.

(Above) Yep that's reindeer again =)  The tiniest one makes me so happy with those cute little antlers!!! Love it
(Below) Here is my mantel - deep breath - VOILA! This is the view from my couch.  I am very happy with it. I already know what changes I will make for next year but one step at a time.  I would love to paint the orange branches RED for this time of year.  Those branches are also from our wedding - I have a whole bunch of them in the garage and I can repaint one of those.

The trees might be my fav on the mantel - one on the left is thrift store and one on right is Target after Christmas Sale.  Target always has great trees on sale day after Christmas - you totally need to check it out.

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree...

Well there you have it!  My Holiday Home Tour.  Once I scan through the pics it doesn't seem like all that much?!??!  But I do have some great ideas to spruce it up more for next year... some homemade wreaths to hang from my front windows and face me while I sit on the couch, green garland hung from the fire place with some of my crystals interwined, spray paint some branches red, put holiday cards in frames and display all over my buffett and .... so much more but I guess it will have to wait till next year!!!!

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