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Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY - covered painting with fabric

Hope all you "lovelies" had a wonderful weekend. I know mine was filled with shopping, church, working out and having a family get together at our house for both my parents birthdays.  It was the first time I have EVER hosted my family.  Now that we live in Dallas I actually get to play hostess with the mostess! So much fun =) 

In between all that craziness and wrapping presents, I decided to do a little DIY project. I had bought some fabric on Amazon.com and wanted to cover canvas with it.  Well, I didn't have time to go buy canvas so I decided to hunt in my garage for something that might work and Lo and Behold I had two paintings that were same height and size that were just laying around.

So instead of spending money on blank canvas or wasting old pictures that I no longer use - I put them to a new use!

Here are step by step pictures and instructions on the project:

Supplies = Staple gun, scissors, fabric, hammer and nails

Get your supplies out and make sure you have everything you need (not much needed here!)

Lay out your fabric (iron if you need to - I don't even own an iron! lol)
Line up fabric on canvas.

Flip over fabric and fold over edge to start stapling down.

I didn't trim any of the fabric - this way if I didn't like it then I could take staples out and start over.

Start your stapling - make it nice and tight!

Fold other side and staple again - make tight!

Now you have to fold your edges like you are wrapping a present - then fold it over canvas and staple again.

I am usually a terrible "wrapper" but I have to admit - this looks good!

Look at that nice edge folded! Way to go!

All edges are folded and stapled down. Done!

Voila! Completed - now to hang it =)

Please ignore the bed - the doggies unmake it whenever we make it.  Well it is sort of still made but not as pretty as I want it.  I need new side tables and I want to put the frame higher but Hubby hates idea of hanging frame on wall.  I think I might change one of the mirros into a sunburst mirror - add some flare.  It needs something - not sure what??? Still working on this space.
 BTW - that's Dora laying on my pillow. So cute and cuddly!

There you have it - so easy!  And cheap.

Cost = $12 for fabric which included shipping

Love using what you have on hand! 


  1. Love this fabric! If you decide to do a sunburst, check out my tutorial... it's really simple. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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