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Friday, December 9, 2011

Decorating with cards and thrift frames

I was in Michael's on Wednesday and they were having a HUGE sale.  I haven't been in there in forever and it seems that Wednesday's are a big sale day for them.  They had ornaments 40-60% off, Christmas decor was marked down and tons of other things.  It was a good night to go minus the large crowd of people in the small store. 

I was there looking for a red velvet pouch - long story!  But couldn't find one after looking for 30 minutes.  I could have asked a sales associate but I am pretty stubborn and like to find stuff on my own (I did finally ask a guy but I think he was stressed because he wasn't willing to be too helpful).  During my 30 minute hunt, I did find some other great deals.  I bought a die cut circle punch which I plan on using to make my fish scale wall art (refer to yesterday's blog for more info). I bought wrapping paper that was 50% off and I found some stationary cards that were in the .97 bin. One thing to know about me - I don't use cards.  I hate writing them and I could care less about receiving one.  I have friends that live for cards and it is definitely their love language and for them I step out of my box and write a card but usually not my thing.  So you might be asking me - "Then why did you buy cards if you don't use them??"  Great Questions!!!!  I am going to use it for decor. I had bought a .97 frame at the thrift store the other day and I think my new card would look adorable in the frame and on my office desk.

Here is the look:

Bought the cards for .97 at Michael's - aren't the old school frames so cute??

Here is my .97 thrift frame that I bought this week

Here is the finished project - Card and Frame together on my office desk. 
What do you think?  Cheap and easy project. 

If you wanted to apply this idea to the holiday season:
1) Go to your local thrift store or Good will
2) Hunt down cheap frames.  It doesn't matter the color because spray paint will make anything look good!
3. Go to Michael's, Walgreens, Walmart, Target or whatever store is more convenient and buy a variety pack of Christmas cards.
4. Put the cards in frames and put on your Mantel, dresser, bookshelf or buffet
5. Voila!  You have decorated for the holiday's !  A little extra touch goes a long way =)

Here are some cute examples I pulled from Pinterest:

Above Photo is from balzerdesigns.typepad.com

Pinned via pinmarklet

Pinned via pinmarklet

Hope that inspires you to go thrifting this weekend and find some frames for this easy project!

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