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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Craigslist Round Up - Portland

My first Craigslist Round Up was such a hit that I decided to definitely make this a weekly post.  This week we visit Portland, OR.  I have never been to Portland but I hear that it is beautiful! It is also called "The City of Roses" (which I did not know till just now when I googled "Portland").

Here are the Great Finds of Portland:

TVarmoire and matching bookcase - $50
I picture someone painting the armoire and maybe writing something across it like "Love" or "Live".  Great deal for the two.

2 shabby chairs - $45
These chairs just need a coat of paint and recovered cushions and they would look brand new!  You could use them in a breakfast nook or at a desk.  So much potential!!!

full sized bed frame - $55
This was my favorite find!  I love everything about this bed - the color and shape.  Picture this in a guest room with your grandmother's quilt and fun vibrant pillows!

Vintage vanity stool - $10

Dark wood Captains Chair - $30
Here's another great chair that can be painted black or white and recovered. 

Retro metal Little Phone Stand - $20
This is a fun little piece!  I think it would look adorable in a bathroom to hold towels and toilet paper or as a bed side table - hmmm... maybe with the green headboard!!! Please someone in Portland read this blog and go buy those two items.  They were meant to be together!!!

And that's our Craigslist Round Up for the week. Thanks Portland for the great finds!  If you want us to visit your town next then shoot me an email with the suggestions at txyankeeprincess@gmail.com

Thanks and have a great Tuesday!

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