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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Although my Christmas isn't completely over yet, I thought I would still share with you some of my favorite gifts that my hubby gave to me.  He always does so good when it comes to gifts! We kind of have a competition to see who can give the best gift - so we are always trying to out do each other.  It's a lot of fun and it makes us think outside the box because the best gift is not always the most expensive but it will show how much you know the other person.

This is what my Christmas morning looked like:

Doggies got up and we put their Christmas outfits on.  Yes - I am that kind of person =)

We start off with some Christmas breakfast because I always wake up starving and have to eat in preparation for all the unwrapping hehe

All the while, I am tototally missing that my husband has this set up in the family room:

 Isn't she pretty???!!! He got me a mountain bike and it's a pretty red one.  We live just blocks away from a great area to ride.  I am so excited!  Here's a close up:

Then we start to tackle the rest of the presents under the tree...

Awe - I love that tree! Smile =)

Then hubby opened up one of his surprise gifts - its a Nook Color!


Can you tell he was shocked and happy?!? Love this pic!

Then I opened up one of my other favorite gifts - yay for leather boots!!! Way to go hubby!

Note: This is the first and only picture you will ever see of me with out make up.  This picture will self destruct in 30 seconds...

Here are my first pair of Toms.  Aren't they adorable?  And they are sparkly!

I have a thing for Betsey Johnson purses.  I had several of them prior to our storage unit getting broken into - hope someone is enjoying my great collection of Betesy's and vintage purses out there. 
Sniff Sniff
Well, Hubby has been amazing at restoring my old collection.  Here is one of the Betsey's I got this Christmas.  My in-laws even bought me one!! I was so happy!

All that unwrapping wore us out and it was time for a nap!

Oh you thought us!  Nope - the puppies all curled up and took a nap together.  How cute!

Well, that about sums up my Christmas in pictures. We also went over to my in - laws where she cooked a great meal and we visited with my husbands brother and family who are visiting from PA.  We still have one more day of celebrating left on January 7th!  We will be exchaning gifts with my family who were in MN and Israel - that's why it is a little delayed.

Thanks for checking out the blog today!  Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas!!!  I enjoyed my time with family and friends this weekend.  We feel so blessed and enriched by the people we do with life with!

Tomorrow, I should be back on track with the blog.  I will have this week's Craigslist Round Up - whom where will we visit tomorrow?????

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