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Monday, November 21, 2011

Wall Art Gallery on a budget

One of the things that I love sharing about is finding things on a budget!  I have seen several rooms with photo galleries that just "wowed" me and I thought it would be an easy inexpensive way to dress up any wall in our house.  I had started collecting pictures about 6 months ago in hopes of being able to do this project in our new home.  Some pictures I had for a couple years but the majority I found recently at thrift stores.  I don't think that there is a single picture on this wall that was not a thrift store find.  The average price for each piece was $3.  Very inexpensive decor project.  I started with a theme when looking for more pictures to add - birds, flowers, yellow, brown and golds.

Here is a BEFORE picture of our entryway wall:

 So plain!  Please ignore the suitcase that was filled with things I still needed to unpack.  But instead of unpacking, I went ahead and decorated my entryway.  Priorities! =)

Here is the AFTER:

I may not have taken the best picture - thank you Iphone! But this is the AFTER picture (note = no suitcase this time)

I will have to take some close pictures of the actual art work on the wall and repost them. 
Overall time spent on project = 20 minutes
Cost of project =$30 (give or take a dollar)

Here are some inspirational photos for you to enjoy:


  1. Nice warm entry. Any tips for nailing up and keeping them from titling ?? Not crazy abt the bedroom pic with all those frames to dust. the look is great but but the dusting ...well a maid would be helpful. The idea to go to thrift stores for art is a good one I have even found some great stuff at a local family Dollar store. The overstocks they had were Christian with bible verses, my favorite. You got a lot done Francine

  2. I am a random "nailer" - I don't measure at all - so don't take advice from me on that; however, to keep them from tilting I suggest using sticky tack. You can put a little on each corner and VOILA!
    I would use a hand held swiffer to dust the frames. =) Hope that helps!

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