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Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY recovered bench

Ok... I am putting myself in "blogger time out" till I start posting more blogs. Hmmm... wait that sounds like I am not allowed to blog when really I am trying to punish myself for NOT blogging - rethinking this now.  I have been so sporadic with my blogging and it makes me sad.  I want to be better about it and I think I am going to be now that I have a house and some friends that I am helping with DIY projects.  Lots of motivation to blog more and show off all the fun projects.

Yesterday, I helped a friend, Kacey, recover an old pew bench.  This bench has been passed along from one friend to the next.  I believe one friend bough it a garage sale and gave to another friend who then had some recover it for her then when she moved she no longer wanted it and gave it to Kacey who put up with the now blue stained recovered fabric till she asked me to come in and help.  Phew - did you get all that?!?!?!?!!

So that's where I came into the picture.  She wanted my opinion on some fabric ideas for the bench.  After some hunting on Decorpad.com - I found this inspirational photo and totally fell in love:

I thought the hard part would be finding that fabric on a budget.  After all it is an "Iman" fabric which usually doesn't run cheap.  I figured we only needed a yard to recover the pew bench - so the hunt began.  All I did was google "green lattice fabric" and BAM - up popped Amazon.com with a link to purchase the exact fabric for $7.99 a yard.  HELLO!!!!

The fabric arrived less than a week later and it was even more magnificent in person.  The green is a velvet and adds more texture to the fabric then I originally imagined.  It couldn't have been a better pick for the bench. 

Here is a break down of costs for the DIY pew makeover:
Pew = Free
Fabric = 1 yard 7.99
Foam padding = $24 (I think we can find cheaper next time but bought it the morning of and there was NO time to shop around - we had a project to complete!)

So ... for $32 we were able to re do this amazing pew!  Here are pictures from the project:




This is what the Entryway looked like prior:

What a difference $32 made in that space!!!

Kacey is so happy with the results and so am I - it was such a fun and easy project. 

What projects are currently working on at home??? Send me pics of your latest finds or DIY projects.


  1. This is very inspiring. Love the warm and Welcome look now. Great job getting the fabric.

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