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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Craigslist Roundup

So how does the saying go "Imitation is the best form of flattery"???  I was inspired the other day while reading my blog subscriptions.  Usually I start of reading the usual blogs that I follow religiously and then next thing I know that blog led me to another blog that led me to this blog and an hour later... I go back to the beginning and start with my usual.  During one of these rabbit trails, I discovered this great idea "Craigslist Roundups". (sorry but I don't remember which blog this was - like I said it was during a rabbit trail!)  I am sure several of us have seen the "Etsy Roundups" found on 6th Street Design.   Craigslist Roundups is the same concept - they found the best deals on craigslist and they are doing it every week in a different city.  LOVE! 

First of all, I am a craigslist junkie.  I love searching craigslist.  Most of the time I don't buy things but just enjoy browsing and seeing all the possibilities.  I recently bought a White Prelit Christmas Tree on Craigslist for $30!  There are some great deals out there.

Anyways... Loved the idea so much that I had to do it here on my little blog.  So the first City we are visiting is Dallas, TX.  Had to start here at home but I am definitely open to suggestions - feel free to email or comment on where you would like us to go next.

Let's see what we found (can't wait!):

Solid Hardwood King Headboard with Cane inserts for $50

Wicker Chair and matching Ottoman for $30

Barn Red Tall Corner Shelf for $20

Antique Dresser and Dressing Table for $150

Well there you have it - our first Craigslist Roundup in Dallas, TX.  Maybe this will inspire you to hunt on Craigslist and share with us what you buy or find!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Continued Wall Art Gallery

I promised to take better pictures of the "Wall Art Gallery" in my entryway.  I am a woman of her word and I got up this morning and shot a couple photos to share on the blog.

Here are close ups of my Wall Art Gallery that I have displayed in our rental house entryway.  I love seeing the collection as I first enter the house. 

This picture was a thrift store find.  I was drawn to the mustard yellow in the leaves.

This picture was a great size.  Bigger than the other one's in my collection.  I found it at a corner thrift store for $4.  It had a little more color than my other pictures but still had shades of yellow and gold that I was looking for.

This picture is one of my favorites.  Cost = FREE!  A friend gave me this picture years ago.  I love it because it has a picture of a Red Dachsund laying on the bed and it reminds me of our little Red Dachsund - Rosie!

This picture was a thrift store find that I found for $2 at corner thrift store.  Again, I was drawn to the shades of yellow and I love birds!

Yep you guessed it - another thirft store find.  Not exactly sure on cost but you are safe to guess it was no more than $4. 

This picture is one of my favorites.  Found at thrift store about 4 years ago when the Hubby and I were dating.  It is painted on wood.  Love the mustard and green colors in this picture.

Here is a picture of my completed Wall Art Gallery.  I am very happy with the results.  It was an inexpensive way to dress up a wall and I was able to use finds that I have collected over the past couple of years.  It made me happy to see them all find a home in our new rental. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! So many things to be thankful for this year!! We are thankful and excited for our new adventure in Dallas.  Thankful for Family, new friends and old friends. Thankful for an amazing church - Shoreline Dallas ( www.shorelinedallas.com ).  Thankful that hubby and I were both able to find jobs that we love.  Thankful for our health.  Thankful for this adorable rental house.  Thankful for all 5 of our babies (all dog babies).  What are you Thankful for this year?

I have to admit that in years past I have not gotten into decorating for Thanksgiving.  It might be because I have never hosted Thanksgiving at my house.  In years past, I have always traveled to Dallas from Austin - so there was really no point in decorating.  This year I really wanted to decorate but just didn't have time to pull that all together (we have only been in house 3 weeks).  So I think this next year, I will start collecting "thanksgiving decor" items through out the year as I find them at stores (black friday deals) and at thrift stores.  And we will see what I come up with for next year. BTW - I am sitting here listening to Christmas music while posting my blog - it's totally getting me in the holiday spirit - LOVE it! 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and wanting to start collecting items for next years tablescape, here are some inspirational photos:

If you did any Thanksgiving Tablescapes, send me pictures at txyankeeprincess@gmail.com - I would LOVE to see your creativity at work!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wall Art Gallery on a budget

One of the things that I love sharing about is finding things on a budget!  I have seen several rooms with photo galleries that just "wowed" me and I thought it would be an easy inexpensive way to dress up any wall in our house.  I had started collecting pictures about 6 months ago in hopes of being able to do this project in our new home.  Some pictures I had for a couple years but the majority I found recently at thrift stores.  I don't think that there is a single picture on this wall that was not a thrift store find.  The average price for each piece was $3.  Very inexpensive decor project.  I started with a theme when looking for more pictures to add - birds, flowers, yellow, brown and golds.

Here is a BEFORE picture of our entryway wall:

 So plain!  Please ignore the suitcase that was filled with things I still needed to unpack.  But instead of unpacking, I went ahead and decorated my entryway.  Priorities! =)

Here is the AFTER:

I may not have taken the best picture - thank you Iphone! But this is the AFTER picture (note = no suitcase this time)

I will have to take some close pictures of the actual art work on the wall and repost them. 
Overall time spent on project = 20 minutes
Cost of project =$30 (give or take a dollar)

Here are some inspirational photos for you to enjoy:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY recovered bench

Ok... I am putting myself in "blogger time out" till I start posting more blogs. Hmmm... wait that sounds like I am not allowed to blog when really I am trying to punish myself for NOT blogging - rethinking this now.  I have been so sporadic with my blogging and it makes me sad.  I want to be better about it and I think I am going to be now that I have a house and some friends that I am helping with DIY projects.  Lots of motivation to blog more and show off all the fun projects.

Yesterday, I helped a friend, Kacey, recover an old pew bench.  This bench has been passed along from one friend to the next.  I believe one friend bough it a garage sale and gave to another friend who then had some recover it for her then when she moved she no longer wanted it and gave it to Kacey who put up with the now blue stained recovered fabric till she asked me to come in and help.  Phew - did you get all that?!?!?!?!!

So that's where I came into the picture.  She wanted my opinion on some fabric ideas for the bench.  After some hunting on Decorpad.com - I found this inspirational photo and totally fell in love:

I thought the hard part would be finding that fabric on a budget.  After all it is an "Iman" fabric which usually doesn't run cheap.  I figured we only needed a yard to recover the pew bench - so the hunt began.  All I did was google "green lattice fabric" and BAM - up popped Amazon.com with a link to purchase the exact fabric for $7.99 a yard.  HELLO!!!!

The fabric arrived less than a week later and it was even more magnificent in person.  The green is a velvet and adds more texture to the fabric then I originally imagined.  It couldn't have been a better pick for the bench. 

Here is a break down of costs for the DIY pew makeover:
Pew = Free
Fabric = 1 yard 7.99
Foam padding = $24 (I think we can find cheaper next time but bought it the morning of and there was NO time to shop around - we had a project to complete!)

So ... for $32 we were able to re do this amazing pew!  Here are pictures from the project:




This is what the Entryway looked like prior:

What a difference $32 made in that space!!!

Kacey is so happy with the results and so am I - it was such a fun and easy project. 

What projects are currently working on at home??? Send me pics of your latest finds or DIY projects.