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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why haven't I posted in so long?!??!....

I hate that I haven't posted in soo soo long!  I was so good at posting and being on top of things but then this little thing called life got in the way and let me tell you - my life has been crazy the last 3 months.  I moved to Dallas with out the hubby because we were waiting for him to get a job in Dallas; however, that took a LOT longer then expected - he finally officially moved up this weekend (YAY!! Happy dance!!).  Our weekends have been filled with looking and scouting out future houses.  We still can't get a house yet due to the job being a "contract" job but we are hoping that he finds something permanent real soon.  We are currently living with my brother, sister in law, their 4 kids and dog - add our 5 dogs into the mix and it is a full house and leaves little time or quiet for blogging!!!

With Sean's move to Dallas being official... I am feeling one step closer to having our own place and being able to decorate and share great finds with my followers.  I have picked up some things here and there through out the last two months.  I thought I would take this moment to share with you...

Here is an amazing settee that the hubby let me buy at an antique mall in Allen, Tx:

I think we paid about $250 for it but it is in great shape and I love the lines on this piece with the rattan sides! It makes me smile. I have a couple ideas for where I want to put this in our future home:
1. In the breakfast nook in the kitchen next to a pedestal table with two chairs opposite.  Here is my inspiration for this idea:

2. In the master bedroom at the end of the bed.  Here is my inspiration for this idea:

What do you think???

So that is one of my favorite and current finds.  I have a couple others to show you but I will wait to later this week.  Can't show you all the good stuff at once!  Got to keep you wanting more, right?!?! =)

Thanks for staying "followers" during this BIG transition in our lives.  I promise to be better about posting now that things are calming down and I can't wait to get in a house and have you all along for the journey!!!

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  1. What a beautiful settee! I am jealous! ;) I like the idea of putting it in your kitchen!