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Friday, September 30, 2011

And my love for Ikat continues

I have posted about Ikat previously and my love grows stronger everyday.  There is just so many different Ikat patterns and colors.  You really can't go wrong putting it in every bedroom - even if it is just a pillow in one room, chair in another and drapes in the dining!

I recently acquired my first Ikat piece and I am so excited!!!!!

My sister in law totally surprised me with two Ikat pillows from World Market. I am so blessed to have a sister in law that lets me and our 5 dogs stay with her AND buys me Ikat pillows for my future house. Hmmmm???.... After saying that it sounds like she might be hinting???....

Here is one of my Ikat pillows from World Market:

The pillow cost $30 which is a great price for Ikat. If you look on Etsy you can only find the pillow covers for around that price. I love this pillow and can't wait to place it somewhere in my future house.

The Ikat pillow from World Market was my first encounter with this store.  So after receiving this amazing gift I had to go check out the store myself and let me tell you - If you haven't been to a World Market store before than you are missing out!!!

World Market is one of my new favorite places to just walk around and take in.  My hubby and I went last weekend to just walk around and get ideas for the future house.  They had a little of everything - from art work, pillows, towels, furniture and place settings.  Every time we go, we are required to pick up pumpkin ale for my brother - told you - they have a little of everything!!!  At this last visit, I found some amazing rugs for GREAT prices!!!! I saw some "chevron like" rugs that were 5'8' for $100.  I saw other rugs that I really adored and they were only $50.  

Other great finds were this amazing white lacquer desk that was featured in "Instyle" magazine and it was just $200.  This is a definite buy for our future home. 

So what it boils down to... if you haven't gone to World Market yet then you are missing out.  Stop what you are doing and google where the closest one to you is located then hit it up this weekend.  You can Thank me later =)

I leave you with these Ikat inspirations:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why haven't I posted in so long?!??!....

I hate that I haven't posted in soo soo long!  I was so good at posting and being on top of things but then this little thing called life got in the way and let me tell you - my life has been crazy the last 3 months.  I moved to Dallas with out the hubby because we were waiting for him to get a job in Dallas; however, that took a LOT longer then expected - he finally officially moved up this weekend (YAY!! Happy dance!!).  Our weekends have been filled with looking and scouting out future houses.  We still can't get a house yet due to the job being a "contract" job but we are hoping that he finds something permanent real soon.  We are currently living with my brother, sister in law, their 4 kids and dog - add our 5 dogs into the mix and it is a full house and leaves little time or quiet for blogging!!!

With Sean's move to Dallas being official... I am feeling one step closer to having our own place and being able to decorate and share great finds with my followers.  I have picked up some things here and there through out the last two months.  I thought I would take this moment to share with you...

Here is an amazing settee that the hubby let me buy at an antique mall in Allen, Tx:

I think we paid about $250 for it but it is in great shape and I love the lines on this piece with the rattan sides! It makes me smile. I have a couple ideas for where I want to put this in our future home:
1. In the breakfast nook in the kitchen next to a pedestal table with two chairs opposite.  Here is my inspiration for this idea:

2. In the master bedroom at the end of the bed.  Here is my inspiration for this idea:

What do you think???

So that is one of my favorite and current finds.  I have a couple others to show you but I will wait to later this week.  Can't show you all the good stuff at once!  Got to keep you wanting more, right?!?! =)

Thanks for staying "followers" during this BIG transition in our lives.  I promise to be better about posting now that things are calming down and I can't wait to get in a house and have you all along for the journey!!!