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Monday, July 25, 2011

Some finds are too good to pass up and to share

I love thrift store shopping... the thrill of the hunt, searching through tons of useless things to find the diamond in the rough! Finding a good deal or just that one piece that you have been looking forever to find -it's worth it to me.  I get such pleasure out of a good deal and knowing that I bought it for much less than the first person who bought it!!! When someone compliments me on my shirt - I don't hesitate in telling them "Thanks, I found it at the thrift store for $2!" It just brings a smile to my face sharing what I paid for my wonderful finds.

Since I get such joy out of sharing, I thought I had to share my most fabolous find with you.  Now, it isn't decor related per say. It is more fashion which if you think of it is like decor - I am decorating my body with it - so it kinda works. 

Well, last Sunday I went to the Thrift Store on a spur of the moment run.  Sometimes I just get the urge to go as if I know that something amazing is waiting for me there to find it.  I had about 10 minutes to run in and out but in those 10 minutes I found the most amazing find ever!!!

First of all, I almost never find great purses at the thrift store.  I always hear of people finding them but I haven't personally found any.  I have a friend Jessica, who always finds designer purses at Goodwill.  We have a saying for when things like that happen - "Favor aint Fair"!  Well "Favor ain't fair" was on my side last Sunday.  I was looking at the dresses and I turned around and there she was just hanging up next to all the ordinary purses (nothing wrong with non-designer but in comparison to this beauty - well - there just isn't any comparison).  She was a GUCCI!  I mean a big beautiful GUCCI purse.  I couldn't believe it - I ran to it and snatched it off the hook before anyone else could see her or even think about grabbing her.  I picked her up and immediatly searched her all over for any signs that she was a fake - Gucci logo on front = Check, Gucci logo on all hardware = Check, Gucci logo and "made in Italy" tag = Check, all the correct G's on the outside = Check, Real leather and real leather piping = Check.  Yep - that's right  - I had a real Gucci to add to my collection.  For how much do you think I bought her for.... Well first let me introduce you to my newest addition:

I dressed her up a little bit and added a cute scarf!  Doesn't she look great???

Ok so here it is - I paid $8.99 for this Gucci!  So my point is - don't be afraid to hunt for a good deal.  You never know what you will find. 


  1. Wow! What a great find, my husband would love me if I could find things like that!

  2. O-M-G! I cannot believe you paid $8.99 for that wonderful Gucci bag...I am sooo jealous!!! I'll buy it when you get tired of it! ;)