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Monday, July 11, 2011

Reading as you drift off into sweet slumber

... I love to read when I go to bed.  I don't always last long enough before my head hits the pillow but I do enjoy a good book as I relax and wind down for bed time. When it comes to reading, if it has horses in it then I love it.

Now when it comes to walls... Not sure how I feel about the idea of vintage pages all over them.  As I sat down to brunch this weekend, I was handed the arts and living section from the Dallas Morning Newspaper.  There was a story of a home makeover from Lake Highlands in the Dallas area.  A young couple who recently were married, gave their master bedroom a romantic vintage makeover.  I wanted to share with you photos from the makeover.  Check these out:

It's a neat idea - definitely different.  Not sure if it's quite for me but I can definitely appreciate the creativeness and "thriftiness" that went into this project. All it took was a couple of old books - Shakespeare or whatever your poetry preference (you can find some uber cheap at Half Price Books or even Amazon), then tear out the pages and use spray on adhesive to make them stick to the walls.  Not sure how long it will last but it does look whimsical!  I believe this project only took her 3 hours - not too bad.  It takes me that long to paint a wall - well maybe not that long but it feels like it!!! If you want to check out more about how she did this project then click HERE for the designer's blog.

I may not be in love with the vintage pages for my wall but here are some other bold and creative wall ideas.

Love this wall paper in a master bedroom!  It has those beautiful birds and birdcages!  This makes me smile.  Now if only I could talk the hubby into letting me wallpaper 1 wall in the guest room for this look!! Hmmm... I might need to conspire on making this happen.  Maybe send him away for a golf trip and then "Bam!" come home to a wall paper wall. =)  Good thing he loves me!!! 

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