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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

God said "let there by Light" and there was light

After my recent visit to a Homegoods store - I have been totally into lamps.  "I love LAMP!" I remeber viewing a recent blog where they talked about the new fab of having floor lamps vs. table lamps.  "Hmmm???" I thought.  After viewing countless pictures, I am convinced that I also love this new fab and I am all on board.  I think they would look great in family rooms, living rooms and offices.  I am not convinced about having them in bedrooms. 

Here are some inspirational photos to get you on the "floor lamp" train! Check these out:

I love the mix of the modern lamp and art work with the more vintage chair. Mix it up peeps!

Of course this picture comes from one of Emily Clark's blogs.  Oh how I love EC!  I don't think there is one thing she has posted that I am not in love with.  Maybe with our last names being the same, I will get a shout out from her one day!  OR even more amazing - be featured on her "Then and Now" blog.  A girl can dream... (if you haven't checked out her blog then click HERE to enter into your new blog addiction)

This room has a basic polished chrome lamp but it adds texture to the room with its shape and size.  

And I saved the best for last ... Here are some RIDIC black floor lamps! I adore them - not sure where I would put them in my future home but oh how they make me gasp.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention... the trick to floor lamps is "do it in pairs" or go home!

Anyways, since I am all about a good deal. I have reseached some fairly decent floor lamps on overstock for you.  They are $200 or less.  What do you think of these?

This one needs a shade change out but that's not too expensive to do...

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