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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Drapes make the room

There is something about adding drapes and curtains to a room that just "make it".  A room could look great and beautiful but add drapes and it looks finished and even luxurious. Drapes add color, texture and of course privacy (Who really uses it for privacy????).  You can have a neutral room but then add your pop of color through drapes.  I love drapes - floor to ceiling drapes.  Is there anything more luxurious then floor to ceiling drapes?!?!  Last thing anyone wants are some waiting for flood drapes.  The length is important and helps in the overall look of your drapes.

Drapes can be so expensive, especially if they are custom made; however, it might be one area that I feel necessary to splurge.  If you feel the need to splurge then here are some beautiful drapes from Anthropologie (really not too expensive but definitely not thrifting prices):

Love pom poms on drapes! Wonderful way to add some texture, pop of color and fun to any drape you have in your home.

Here is another example of pom pom drapes:

Blue velvet drapes with red pom poms! Does it get any more luxurious then that?!?! I heart Pom Poms! 

If you are looking for a great inexpensive way to have custom drapes then check out these kitchen window curtains from one of my good friends Oneka:

These fun and colorful kitchen treatments were made out of a rug! Yes a rug! Can you believe that???? I would have never thought of using a rug.  Way to be creative and resourceful!  They bought a rug from Urban Outfitters for $30 and cut it in half.  No sewing or stitching needed - just grab a pair of scissors and cut away. Then they hung it on clipped O'rings.  It looks amazing and I would never have thought of a rug as a window treatment but oh how I love this resourceful creation.

This window is in her Breakfast nook.  They found a tablecloth at Marshall's and draped it across the curtain rod.  I think she paid $17 for it and it is a great pop of color in this area.  Thanks Oneka for sharing your photos with the readers.

This led me to the idea of using flat sheets as curtains! Why not?!?!? Find some cute sheets at Ross, Target or anywhere and use them as your own inexpensive and creative drapes.  Click HERE for an easy "how to guide".

As I leave you this Sunday morning to your coffee and relaxation, I leave you with these inspirational photos - Enjoy! And don't forget to send me your creative and resourceful custom drape ideas!!!

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