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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Daybed love affair

Although I don't believe in affairs - I am definitely having one over the West Elm Window Day Bed.  I catch myself thinking about it through out the day and smiling.  It was love at first sight!  If you want a sneak peek at her - here she is:

I am pretty sure this picture doesn't do it justice; however, it doesn't stop me from loving her!  Where do I picture this daybed???  Aren't daybeds for little kids??? Well, first of all daybeds are not just for little kids and guest rooms anymore.  They can be used anywhere - in an office, living room or breakfast nook (which is where I want her new home to be).

Here is a picture of the room that inspired me to use a daybed in my future breakfast nook:

Doesn't this photo inspire you?!?!?  It just makes me want to sleep in on a Sunday and have brunch with the family.  I love it.  Since our new house doesn't have an amazing built in bench and since I have NO idea how to build something, I started looked for a daybed that would suit my needs and low and behold West Elm's window daybed fulfilled my need.

Here is another great inspirational photo for use of this daybed:

Scenario in my head "Hubby: Are you ready to go to bed now? Me: No, I think I am going to stay up and read while lounging in my  gorgeous daybed."

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  1. do you know where yu can get that daybed now? West Elm doesn't sell them anymore