Just a girl who wants to share her "finds" and hope that it inspires you to thrift and to not be afraid to explore your style.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some finds are too good to pass up and to share

I love thrift store shopping... the thrill of the hunt, searching through tons of useless things to find the diamond in the rough! Finding a good deal or just that one piece that you have been looking forever to find -it's worth it to me.  I get such pleasure out of a good deal and knowing that I bought it for much less than the first person who bought it!!! When someone compliments me on my shirt - I don't hesitate in telling them "Thanks, I found it at the thrift store for $2!" It just brings a smile to my face sharing what I paid for my wonderful finds.

Since I get such joy out of sharing, I thought I had to share my most fabolous find with you.  Now, it isn't decor related per say. It is more fashion which if you think of it is like decor - I am decorating my body with it - so it kinda works. 

Well, last Sunday I went to the Thrift Store on a spur of the moment run.  Sometimes I just get the urge to go as if I know that something amazing is waiting for me there to find it.  I had about 10 minutes to run in and out but in those 10 minutes I found the most amazing find ever!!!

First of all, I almost never find great purses at the thrift store.  I always hear of people finding them but I haven't personally found any.  I have a friend Jessica, who always finds designer purses at Goodwill.  We have a saying for when things like that happen - "Favor aint Fair"!  Well "Favor ain't fair" was on my side last Sunday.  I was looking at the dresses and I turned around and there she was just hanging up next to all the ordinary purses (nothing wrong with non-designer but in comparison to this beauty - well - there just isn't any comparison).  She was a GUCCI!  I mean a big beautiful GUCCI purse.  I couldn't believe it - I ran to it and snatched it off the hook before anyone else could see her or even think about grabbing her.  I picked her up and immediatly searched her all over for any signs that she was a fake - Gucci logo on front = Check, Gucci logo on all hardware = Check, Gucci logo and "made in Italy" tag = Check, all the correct G's on the outside = Check, Real leather and real leather piping = Check.  Yep - that's right  - I had a real Gucci to add to my collection.  For how much do you think I bought her for.... Well first let me introduce you to my newest addition:

I dressed her up a little bit and added a cute scarf!  Doesn't she look great???

Ok so here it is - I paid $8.99 for this Gucci!  So my point is - don't be afraid to hunt for a good deal.  You never know what you will find. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

God said "let there by Light" and there was light

After my recent visit to a Homegoods store - I have been totally into lamps.  "I love LAMP!" I remeber viewing a recent blog where they talked about the new fab of having floor lamps vs. table lamps.  "Hmmm???" I thought.  After viewing countless pictures, I am convinced that I also love this new fab and I am all on board.  I think they would look great in family rooms, living rooms and offices.  I am not convinced about having them in bedrooms. 

Here are some inspirational photos to get you on the "floor lamp" train! Check these out:

I love the mix of the modern lamp and art work with the more vintage chair. Mix it up peeps!

Of course this picture comes from one of Emily Clark's blogs.  Oh how I love EC!  I don't think there is one thing she has posted that I am not in love with.  Maybe with our last names being the same, I will get a shout out from her one day!  OR even more amazing - be featured on her "Then and Now" blog.  A girl can dream... (if you haven't checked out her blog then click HERE to enter into your new blog addiction)

This room has a basic polished chrome lamp but it adds texture to the room with its shape and size.  

And I saved the best for last ... Here are some RIDIC black floor lamps! I adore them - not sure where I would put them in my future home but oh how they make me gasp.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention... the trick to floor lamps is "do it in pairs" or go home!

Anyways, since I am all about a good deal. I have reseached some fairly decent floor lamps on overstock for you.  They are $200 or less.  What do you think of these?

This one needs a shade change out but that's not too expensive to do...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

First trip to "HomeGoods"

Let me start off by saying that I have been dying to go to a homegoods store for a long time; however, when I lived in Austin the only one was way down south.  And when you live in Round Rock, which is North Austin ,you just never venture past downtown area - if it was going to take more than 30 then I was not going to go.  Well now that I live in Dallas - everything is a little different.  It takes 30 minutes to get anywhere! Traffic is insane and this city is massive in comparson to Austin. As my husband likes to say (or sing but don't tell him I told you) "A Whole New World!"  Ok... back to Homegooods store... so last night I went to a Homegoods store for the first time and I loved it.  My Dad was great and came with me. Don't know how I got so lucky to have a husband and a Dad that LOVE to shop!?!?!? Yes it's ok - you can be jealous right now =)

So ... was the Homegoods store everything I was hoping it to be? - Yes! I loved it.  It had a great assortment of lamps, tables, rugs, towels, art work and all kinds of decor.  I even found the cutest, most stylish doggie beds ever!!! I read a blog recently that mentioned a white artichoke candle holder - I found one there for $19.99 - so FAB!

I wanted to share with you some of the great stylish deals I found while window shopping last night (didn't buy anything yet - need to be true to the budget!).

Here is a picture of my favorite lamp find last night.  Priced just at $25.99.  Love the shape and contrast with the white lacquer base and bright green shade.  I like the idea of this lamp in my dining room on a buffet table.

This lamp I loved because it had great shape and lines.  The shade reminds me of a Ralph Lauren floral print. This lamp was only $29.99.  I think it would look adorable in a guest room.

Remember when I blogged about my love affair with Sofa Day beds?... I also mentioned how I want to buy one for my breakfast nook.  Well, I found this great trendy alternative. Yes, this is outdoor patio furniture but if you do it right do you think anyone is going to think or say "Is that outdoor furniture?" when they walk in to your house?!?!? No way!  This was only $119 in comparison to the West Elm Sofa Daybed for $500 (not including twin mattress). This is a great alternative and I absolutely LOVE it.  I would add accent pillows and even pick a fabric to make a cushion cover.  Much less expensive then $500 - I would save at least $400 with this purchase!  The hubby can't say no to that find =)

Ok, not the best picture but below we have a mirrored sofa table!!!!!! Yes I said it "Mirrored"!  Mirrored anything is all the trend right now.  Mirrored bedside tables, coffee tables, end tables, buffet tables and sofa tables.  Here I found a mirrored sofa table for $499!  That is a great deal because I don't think I have seen anything mirrored in that price range and this is a huge piece.  You can't see it all in this picture but it is a great size and had beautiful lines.  This is very affordable for the girl who has been dying to get their hands on a mirrored piece of furniture.  I can see a piece like this in my dining room as a buffet. I also love the idea of it in an entry way but pretty sure this wouldn't fit in my entry way. 

So there you have it - my first trip to the Homegoods store and plenty of good finds to report back to you.  If you havnen't been then you need to find the nearest one to you and plan a trip with your girlfriends or in my case - my Dad.  Bring a vehicle with some room in case you find a great piece of furniture that you just can't say no to.  Can't wait to see what you find!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Ladybug

I have a gorgeous 7 month old niece - Gabriella!  She is the youngest of 4 kids with 3 older brothers.  Needless to say she was the long awaited touch of pink that this family needed.  She had been sharing a room with her parents till today.  After a little magical room switch - baby girl or as we call her "ladybug" has her own room.

Now that she has her own room and her parents can actually sleep at night with out a little one a couple feet away, they are ready to decorate a room for their ladybug. This is my sister-in-laws chance to have some pink in her all blue boy house.  Right now it is basic cream walls and a wood crib.  Of course, we are going to do this girls nursery on a budget. Here are our thoughts:
Tiffany Blue Walls (what girl doesn't love something from Tiffany's so why not start her off on the right foot)
White crown molding
Paint crib white
Yellow accents - maybe a yellow chair or dresser
Fuschia pink and white bedding
And of course a chandelier of some sorts =)  It wouldn't be a Tiffany inspired room with out a chandelier.

I think we will stalk some fabric sales and buy our own fabric then have a friend sew the bedding = BIG savings there. After looking online, we can only find bedding that we liked in the $400-700 range. Well that's not happening.  If our bedding doesn't cost that much then little ladybug will get her's on a budget as well.

The project has just begun and there is no progress to share with you except our ideas at this point.  But I will leave you with some great inspiration photos as always and I will be sure to keep you up to date on this new project =)

nurseries - gender neutral turquoise blue walls gray dresser changing table eclectic art gallery white black chevron rug white Jenny Lind crib monogrammed window panel

Love the mix of fabrics and styles!  Adore this room.  Not a thing I would change except maybe the letter "V" since my child will not be having a "V" name but can't share with you what future names we love because they are so great that you might want to steal them!!! hehe

nurseries - gender neutral white yellow striped walls white modern crib blue green crib bedding orange pillow orange accent chair built-in window seat white roman shades green ribbon trim

This room had me at "yellow stripes" and vintage recovered orange chair!   Sit windows are also one of my favorites.  The house I lived in as a child in upstate NY had a sit window - I would love sitting there watching everyone outside.

nurseries - Pink cherry blossom crocodile ottoman rug draperies reading lamp chair crib purple  Natalie Clayman Interior Design   Girl's nursery...Duralee

The mix of textures, fabric and colors are amazing.  I love different patterns and this room has it all. 

nurseries - Martha Stewart - Pip - Ferm Living - Wilderness Wallpaper white gold metallic wallpaper Spot on Square modern white crib Z Gallerie white rhino head Custom crib bedding Katie Bug Creativity

Not bright colors like the last but how great is this nursery?!?!?

nurseries - white yellow striped ceiling black vintage crib yellow crib bedding red tapered drum pendant chandelier  Marianne Strong Interiors

Painted ceiling??...Why YES I will!

nurseries - Ikea Expedit Bookcase modern nursery yellow glider turquoise blue green yellow bedroom  modern nursery  Ikea expedit bookcase, yellow

Turquoise blue with yellow - that's what I'm talking about.

nurseries - nursery ivory glider blue lamp apple green walls paint color blue green nursery  bright nursery  bright green walls, turquoise blue

Not sure if the baby will be ablel to sleep at night but I do like it.

Send me pics of your latest projects - I would love to see what you are working on and what inspires you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reading as you drift off into sweet slumber

... I love to read when I go to bed.  I don't always last long enough before my head hits the pillow but I do enjoy a good book as I relax and wind down for bed time. When it comes to reading, if it has horses in it then I love it.

Now when it comes to walls... Not sure how I feel about the idea of vintage pages all over them.  As I sat down to brunch this weekend, I was handed the arts and living section from the Dallas Morning Newspaper.  There was a story of a home makeover from Lake Highlands in the Dallas area.  A young couple who recently were married, gave their master bedroom a romantic vintage makeover.  I wanted to share with you photos from the makeover.  Check these out:

It's a neat idea - definitely different.  Not sure if it's quite for me but I can definitely appreciate the creativeness and "thriftiness" that went into this project. All it took was a couple of old books - Shakespeare or whatever your poetry preference (you can find some uber cheap at Half Price Books or even Amazon), then tear out the pages and use spray on adhesive to make them stick to the walls.  Not sure how long it will last but it does look whimsical!  I believe this project only took her 3 hours - not too bad.  It takes me that long to paint a wall - well maybe not that long but it feels like it!!! If you want to check out more about how she did this project then click HERE for the designer's blog.

I may not be in love with the vintage pages for my wall but here are some other bold and creative wall ideas.

Love this wall paper in a master bedroom!  It has those beautiful birds and birdcages!  This makes me smile.  Now if only I could talk the hubby into letting me wallpaper 1 wall in the guest room for this look!! Hmmm... I might need to conspire on making this happen.  Maybe send him away for a golf trip and then "Bam!" come home to a wall paper wall. =)  Good thing he loves me!!! 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Drapes make the room

There is something about adding drapes and curtains to a room that just "make it".  A room could look great and beautiful but add drapes and it looks finished and even luxurious. Drapes add color, texture and of course privacy (Who really uses it for privacy????).  You can have a neutral room but then add your pop of color through drapes.  I love drapes - floor to ceiling drapes.  Is there anything more luxurious then floor to ceiling drapes?!?!  Last thing anyone wants are some waiting for flood drapes.  The length is important and helps in the overall look of your drapes.

Drapes can be so expensive, especially if they are custom made; however, it might be one area that I feel necessary to splurge.  If you feel the need to splurge then here are some beautiful drapes from Anthropologie (really not too expensive but definitely not thrifting prices):

Love pom poms on drapes! Wonderful way to add some texture, pop of color and fun to any drape you have in your home.

Here is another example of pom pom drapes:

Blue velvet drapes with red pom poms! Does it get any more luxurious then that?!?! I heart Pom Poms! 

If you are looking for a great inexpensive way to have custom drapes then check out these kitchen window curtains from one of my good friends Oneka:

These fun and colorful kitchen treatments were made out of a rug! Yes a rug! Can you believe that???? I would have never thought of using a rug.  Way to be creative and resourceful!  They bought a rug from Urban Outfitters for $30 and cut it in half.  No sewing or stitching needed - just grab a pair of scissors and cut away. Then they hung it on clipped O'rings.  It looks amazing and I would never have thought of a rug as a window treatment but oh how I love this resourceful creation.

This window is in her Breakfast nook.  They found a tablecloth at Marshall's and draped it across the curtain rod.  I think she paid $17 for it and it is a great pop of color in this area.  Thanks Oneka for sharing your photos with the readers.

This led me to the idea of using flat sheets as curtains! Why not?!?!? Find some cute sheets at Ross, Target or anywhere and use them as your own inexpensive and creative drapes.  Click HERE for an easy "how to guide".

As I leave you this Sunday morning to your coffee and relaxation, I leave you with these inspirational photos - Enjoy! And don't forget to send me your creative and resourceful custom drape ideas!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mood board's - hours later... some one take the computer away!

I was introduced to this awesome website the other day called http://olioboard.com.  Talk about hours of endless fun!!! I was suppose to be packing to leave for Dallas and I caught myself online playing on this website.  You can view tons of mood board's which are a blast to view others ideas and creations.  It will definitely inspire you!  It might even inspire you to sign up for free and create your own mood board.  It is super easy to use - very user friendly.  They have anything you could possibly want in a bedroom available for you to use.  The possibilities are endless!!  Instead of spending hours laying in bed at night, decorating my future house in my head, now I can actually decorate it on a mood board and really see what is will look like.  How cool is that?!?!?!?  It gives you a chance to do something you wouldn't normally do - live on the edge of color, prints and patterns with out it being a permanent decision that you would be stuck with it for years.  Anyways... I am in love and having a blast and thought you might want to join on on the fun.  Here is the mood board I created for our new living room...

The chairs are the same chairs I mentioned in one of earlier posts "Oh how I love Ikat".  You can buy them HERE  The zig zag rug and couch side table are from West Elm.  You can find similar chandeliers at lampsplus.com.  The bronze lattice side table is from grandinroad.com and the coffee table can be found at Dwell.  Pillows can be found on Etsy or Layla Grace.

Thanks for checking out my mood board!  Go check it out yourself and make sure to send us the links to your own mood boards. Share and create together!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Daybed love affair

Although I don't believe in affairs - I am definitely having one over the West Elm Window Day Bed.  I catch myself thinking about it through out the day and smiling.  It was love at first sight!  If you want a sneak peek at her - here she is:

I am pretty sure this picture doesn't do it justice; however, it doesn't stop me from loving her!  Where do I picture this daybed???  Aren't daybeds for little kids??? Well, first of all daybeds are not just for little kids and guest rooms anymore.  They can be used anywhere - in an office, living room or breakfast nook (which is where I want her new home to be).

Here is a picture of the room that inspired me to use a daybed in my future breakfast nook:

Doesn't this photo inspire you?!?!?  It just makes me want to sleep in on a Sunday and have brunch with the family.  I love it.  Since our new house doesn't have an amazing built in bench and since I have NO idea how to build something, I started looked for a daybed that would suit my needs and low and behold West Elm's window daybed fulfilled my need.

Here is another great inspirational photo for use of this daybed:

Scenario in my head "Hubby: Are you ready to go to bed now? Me: No, I think I am going to stay up and read while lounging in my  gorgeous daybed."